Blockchain and Crypto

Our Blockchain and Crypto offering is built to support mid and large organizations to plan, implement and launch innovative projects leveraging Distributed Ledger Technologies. Our services range from strategic advisory to technology consulting, selection and system integration of best of breed solutions, to software development as well as legal and compliance advisory.

Blockchain and Crypto

Consulting and System Integration

Our team of experts offers strategic and technology consulting to understand, design and implement Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies applications for Business. We are able to support in building business models, market analysis, proof-of-concepts leveraging Blockchain and Crypto Assets also for Tokenization and new Fundraising mechanisms like Initial Exchange Offering, Security Token Offerings. We also help to select, test and integrate the best technologies to implement projects and adopt Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies for existing and new business models.

Custom Software Development

We offer custom development of Smart Contracts, Decentralized Applications (dApps), Token Solutions for new investment models, fund raising, asset management, use of Blockchain and Crypto for any new business ideas and for typical applications like Payments, Distributed and Immutable Ledgers, Supply Chain Certification,  Decentralized Identity, Decentralized Timestamping and Proof of Integrity, Audit and Digital Voting.

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