Cyber Security

Our Cyber Security services are built to support Banks, Financial Organizations, Medium and Large Enterprises in the different challenges faced today to plan and implement effective Security solutions and strategies. We have a dedicated proposition for customers specifically interested in protecting Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies systems.

Cyber Security


We are able to assist in the design and implementation of Cyber Security Architectures, in the evaluation of Security Posture and Risks, we provide Vulnerability Assessments , Penetration Tests, Smart Contracts Audits and Security checks, we help in selecting, testing and effectively deploy Technology Solutions. We also provide Legal Advisory for Privacy and Compliance related to Data and Cyber Security issues.

Managed Security

We deliver services to monitor and manage complex security processes and systems,  Security Devices Monitoring and Management, Vulnerability Scanning, Endpoint Detection and Response, Threats Intelligence and Incident Response. We also offer custom managed security services providing 24x7x365 support with dedicated staff depending on the customer needs and requests including the Protection of Blockchain and Crypto infrastructures.

Cyber Innovation LAB

Leveraging a global team of experts and dedicated Technology Centers of Excellence around the globe we are able to protothype, design and built innovative Cyber Security and Compliance Solutions following customers needs and requests. We can deliver on premise and cloud solutions, providing a mix of advanced skills in different areas including Cyber, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Artificial Intelligence.

Cyber Risk & BI

Employing advanced Business and Data Intelligence capabilities we are able to assist customers in the analysis and management of Cyber Risks related to Business Continuity, Reputation, Data Leakeage or any other business impact. We are also able to support senior executives to plan Cyber Security investment, plan and monitor Return on Cyber Security Investments.

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